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Promotion of production in Ukraine

Promotion of production in Ukraine

Dear colleagues!

“PHARM-DOCUMENT” COMPANY is pleased to offer you a range of services to promote your products on the Ukrainian market!

How can we help you:

  1. More than 20% of all pharmacies in Ukraine were opened with our help, hundreds of licenses were got for private and public hospitals. So, if you need to offer them something, or gather an audience of doctors or pharmacists, we can arrange this;
  2. We have medical representatives in all regions of Ukraine, who are working with doctors and retail pharmacists in the retail network. If your product is unique, you have held market research and you have substantiated evidences that this product will be in demand, we can take it in our package of promotion on exclusive distribution rights;
  3. We have exclusive prices for placement of advertisement in the mass media (specialized magazines, internet sites, television, subway, etc.) so, we can arrange a complex advertisement of your product cheaper than if you will order it separately, on your own;
  4. We also have extensive experience in conducting outdoor event, providing event services both in Ukraine and abroad (training seminars, corporate events, providing with meeting rooms, providing with necessary equipment, accommodation, engaging speakers, etc.) on “turnkey” basis!

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! We do not resell prepared reports on previous studies, we conduct them exclusively to the task of the customer, according to his requirements.

Cooperation Scheme:

  1. You make a request based on the parameters and indicators, which are needed to be collected and analyzedEXAMPLE:


    • increasing of brand awareness;
    • increasing in sales (% of the existing sales, target group, regions);
    • increasing (holding) the market share;
    • rising in profit (profit retention)
    • the formation of a favourable image, company reputation;
    • the launch of a new product;
    • modifying an existing product;
    • the conquest of new market areas;

    Market research:

    • capacity;
    • structure;
    • prices;
    • competitors;
    • external environment;
    • the company’s position in the market;

    The study of the target audience:

    • segmentation of the target audience;
    • portrait of the consumer;
    • search of purchase information by a consumer;
    • knowledge of the consumer (about the label, manufacturer, product);
    • decision-making process of buying;
    • the importance of product’s consumer properties;
    • the impact of trade marks;
    • attitude towards the brand;
    • consumer’s expectations about the price
    • etc.
  2. We analyze this information, determine the cost and terms of work and announce them to you.
  3. After agreeing on the price, we are signing a contract and start working.

Advantages of working with us:

  • We work exclusively with the medical and pharmaceutical market;
  • Confidentiality, we sign an agreement of confidentiality with every customer and the information collected is not for distribution;
  • We have experience of more than 10 years;
  • We provide not only the research assistance, but also we can really increase your sales (see section “increase in sales”)

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