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Registration of dietary supplements, BAA

Registration of dietary supplements, BAA

Dear colleagues!

“PHARM-DOCUMENT” Company will help you as soon as possible and at no additional cost to register for FOOD, DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS (BAA) your production on the territory of Ukraine on “turnkey” basis!

We do this every day for 10 years, so we can guarantee 100% positive results in as shortest time as possible!

Today in Ukraine the procedure of state registration of food and dietary supplements (the old name – BAA) is being performed trough issue of the sanitary examination report after appropriate laboratory tests.

In order to register you need:

  • Prepare a list of documents (see below)
  • Send them to us in any way, which is convenient for you.
  • Our experts during 2-3 days will conduct a technical examination of documents and indicate the exact cost of the registration procedure and the condition of the registration procedure.
  • After agreeing on the price, we will sign a contract with you, and begin registration process on “turnkey” basis, issue accompanying papers properly, write and register specifications (for native manufacturers), submit a package of documents, perform laboratory studies, obtain  a conclusion of Health Inspection Services, obtain instruction text approved and give it to you.

Performance time 30 days.

Download the list of required documents:

  • Download a confidentiality agreement

Email us now!Our prices will pleasantly surprise you!