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Assistance with registration in other countries

Assistance with registration in other countries

Dear colleagues!

If you want to register medicines, medical products, medical equipment, cosmetics and dietary supplements or BAA in the CIS countries, please call us now. In each country, we have a proven partner for whom we can make bail and guarantee 100% professionalism and quality of work performed in time limits ordered!


    1. We are making an agreement of confidentiality with you.
    2. You send us necessary documents.
    3. We are conducting a FREE initial examination of a dossier and provide you with the comprehensive information about:
      • The condition of the documents and what needs to be corrected and submitted;
      • The cost of government payments and our services with all the extra work that we will need to perform to prepare registration dossier (preparation of individual parts of the AND, translations, etc.);
      • Deadline of preparation of dossiers and the total period of registration.
    4. Then you assess the information received, and we are making an agreement and begin to work on “turnkey” basis.

Download a confidentiality agreement

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