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Obtaining a license to practice medicine

Obtaining a license to practice medicine

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to offer you a professional assistance in obtaining a license for medical practice!

Why is it beneficial to work with us:

  • low prices;
  • we specialize exclusively in the medical and pharmaceutical licenses;
  • we obtain a license every day for 10 years.

How to use our services:

  • You send us PRIMARY list of documents (see below), in the form of copies, in any convenient way for you:
    • by email
    • or by registered mail / courier service
    • On the basis of the documents submitted by you, we are adjusting state papers, typing application and inventory and send them to you by e-mail to sign.
    • You put the seal and send us the originals of all documents (see below, SECONDARY list of documents).
    • We are submitting the documents to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, getting license and sending them to you.
    • Payment is made officially, according to the contract. Call to define prices more precisely.

    PRIMARY LIST DOCUMENTS (only copies needed)

    1. Data for application
    2. A photocopy of the license (if you have it)
    3. Extract from the Unified State Register, for legal entities is needed to provide a statute (which provides activities – medical practice) and certificate of registration in EDRPOU additionally.
    4. Conclusion of the State Health Inspection Services issued at the place of activity, about correspondence of the premises to the requirements of sanitary norms and rules concerning the kind of activity on which the subject receives a license. The list of activities should be listed according to Nomenclature of medical specialties (Please note that when filling an application for obtaining above-mentioned conclusion, only those professions for which you hired medical staff should be applied).
    5. The completed draft of state papers about the state of material and technical basis, presence of the necessary legal acts, the availability of qualified personnel. (Open Licensing conditions and SHEET FORM)

      Remaining below mentioned documents may not be sent if you fill your own data in the State paper:

    6. Documents for medical personnel:
      • Documents for the head physician:
        • Diploma of the relevant medical education.
        • Certificate of doctor – specialist, issued by the highest medical institution of 3-4 level of accreditation, the institution of after graduation education.
        • Certificate of assignment (confirmation) of the corresponding qualification category or certificate.
        • A certificate of upgrade qualifications courses, as well as a document confirming the completed courses in the profession “health management” (only for legal persons)
        • Document confirming the professional experience at the time of submission of the application (a copy of the workbook contains the data for the past 5 years)
        • An order about appointing the chief doctor (for public utilities is needed the disposal of the executive committee for appointment of chef doctor)
        • Passport and ID code
      • Documents on the other junior doctors and medical personnel (copies of all documents submitted in accordance with the above mentioned list, which is available)
      • List of personnel, which is needed to be, corrected according to the conclusion of Health Inspection Services for legal entities and for private entities with employees, employment contracts are needed.
      • Rental contract or certificate of ownership and for p ublic utilities the decision of the executive committee is needed.
      • The act of acceptance of measuring equipment.
      • Photocopy of passport of the director of the company / private entrepreneur.
      • A copy of the old license (if you have it earlier)

      Please note the following:

      Requirements for the recruitment of legal entities:

      • Personnel of your institution must consist of a chief physician and specialists, relevant to professions approved by the list of personnel;
      • On the position of chief physician is being appointed a person who has:
        • a diploma of physician-specialist
        • certificate and authorization document of a qualifying category
      • physician-specialist;
      • certificate in the specialty “organization and management of health”;
      • work experience of at least 3 years.

      Requirements for recruitment by IE (individual entrepreneur):

      • For IE, as opposed for medical practice to legal entities, a personnel list is not necessary;
      • IE must have a diploma of physician-specialist and appropriate certificates and licenses.
      • IE also has the right to recruit doctors with the highest qualification category which is similar to the specialization of IE, and the younger
      • professionals who can have any medical education  required by law.
      • Labor relations between employees and IP begin from the date of their employment contracts signed through the district employment center.

      (originals, which are submitted to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to obtain a license to practice medicine)

      1. Application, list of documents, state papers which are stamped and signed, which we have prepared for you, (2 copies)
      2. Conclusion of the State Health Inspection Services (the original or notarised copy)
      3. Payment instructions with payment made in the State Treasury with two wet marks of bank (original):
        • for issuance of license
        • for issuance of copy of the license (If the activity is not the legal address)
        • budget classification code 22011800. (Check the correctness of State Treasury bills as follows – at the begining and middle part of account following
        • figures should be No. 3321х896х18ххх (14 digits total)
      4. Attorney (we provide you with sample)

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