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Obtaining a license for the import of medicines

Obtaining a license for the import of medicines

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to offer you a range of services for obtaining a license to import medicines on “turnkey” basis!

Why is it beneficial to work with us:

  • low prices;
  • We focus exclusively on medical and pharmaceutical licenses;
  • We get a license every day for 10 years, so we can guarantee 100% positive!

Licensing procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Preliminary consultation, preparation of documents:
    You need to send us the scanned copies of primary documents (see the list below) by an e-mail.
    – After receipt of your documents, our personnel will contact you. You get free full comprehensive information about the status of your documents, availability of all necessary conditions for this type of activity, the cost of our services.
    – After agreeing on the price we are making a contract. We provide full advice throughout the process, and the development of the final version of the dossier of the importer and the application for obtaining a license.
  2. Submission of documents.
    The whole process does not require the personal attendance of your employees and takes place remotely.
    You send us your documents by mail or courier service.
    – The package of documents for obtaining a license is submitted on your behalf according to attorney by our personnel.
  3. Obtaining a license.
    – We get your license and send it to you by express delivery service, there is no need to come to Kyiv, and the license will be delivered personally to you.The primary list of documents required to obtain a license for the import of medicines:

    1. Extract of the registration of a business entity;
    2. License for wholesale trade in medicines;
    3. Certificate, a copy of the workbook of the authorized person;
    4. Draft of the license application;
    5. Draft of the dossier importer.  (Download the form)
    6. A copy of the old license (If you have it).

    Do not shoulder the burdens, trust the professionals!